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RE: [at-l] Stephenson tent questions

Ditto to what everyone has said.  I used mine without a groundcloth for a
while, and suspect that it works fine on things that stay still (like rocks
or gravel), but that I got definite abrasion when I was forced to pitch the
tent on a scrubby, "stealth", site.  I now use the rig Jack Stephenson
recommends: a section of light plastic dropcloth taped to the tie outs on
the bottom of the tent.  If you do get abrasion at some point, a little
clear silicone caulk fixes things up nicely.

The Stephenson's tent is the roomiest and quickest to set up tent I've ever
seen.  I'll admit, though, that my current favorite rig for three season
solo hikes is an 8x10 tarp made of the same siliconized parachute cloth
fabric.  The tarp I use is made by Lynne Whelden.

-- Jim

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