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Re: [at-l] Stephenson tent questions


Ditto to so much Twilight said.  I want to add my understanding of how 
dismayed you sound as you look at your tent which is so different.  Every 
time I put mine up before leaving on the trail (in the living room because 
our weather at that time of the year was too fierce outside--mountains, 
Colorado), I wondered where my mind had been when I decided to buy it.  I was 
"sure" though that it was a smart buy, based on the occasional testimonial 
bits of users, like Solophile and Twilight.

Well, the faith was well-placed.  It was great.

The first few nights, however, I did find myself slipping and sliding from 
end to end.  That improved when I changed back to my RidgeRest and sent home 
the Z-Rest.  My tyvek ground cloth did a great job.  The screens, when used, 
gave me sky vision, which was delightful.  

There was no condensation.  That was great.  Actually though, I had to learn 
what to avoid and comply exactly with the instructions (Aren't they a hoot!). 
 The vents to be unobstructed, and that included by tall grass.  Done 
correctly, I had no worries.

It did actually fit in its tiny bag too.  I'd never had this happen before.  
Carefully folding and rolling it just like Stephensons instructed, it really 
did fit right back in that wee bag.  Amazing!

Congratulations on your very choice of brands.  Tent heaven is just around 
the bend.

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