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Re: [at-l] Stephenson tent questions

I wouldn't say dismayed. It does look different in real life than what I 
had seen. But it still looks great. If I can locate a spare ground cloth 
(sold the one I had with an older tent) I'll take the Stephensons on a 
brief canoe trip this weekend. I suppose I could just go to a hardware 
store and get a drop cloth, but I really would prefer to use tyvek long 
term. Oh well, nothing says I can't have both and there isn't any reason 
I need to secure a temporary sheet to the tent.

Sliding around inside the tent while sleeping. That had not ocurred to me 
as a potential problem. I like my Therm-a-rest Ultralight 3/4 and hope it 
doesn't slip and slide. If it does maybe I can put something like those 
little rubber (?) anti-skid thingies you put in your bathtub on the 
underside to solve that problem. Anyone tried that? One problem with that 
is those things wouldn't be flush with the pad and I imagine could peel 
off as you roll and unroll the pad on a trip.

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