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Re: [at-l] Meteors Remembered

I've never seen one quite that  close but one night I was driving on a rural
road between Atlanta and my home around midnight when one literally lit up the
night sky. It's sphere was as large as the sun.  It disappeared over the
horizon and I stopped and rolled down the window to see if I would hear a
sonic boom.  I did not but it left a trail of smoke across the night sky and
one astounded teen who was truly wide awake.


David F. Addleton wrote:

> <Snip>   This thing didn't have the sky as a
> background, it had a mountain, so it had to be close. It was clearly
> glowing and spitting out flames a pieces as it passed, even after it split
> into two pieces. It appeared to be slowing down as it approached us and
> before it fell from the sky. The direction of flight appeared to have
> followed a northwest to south east trajectory.
> No other meteor I've observed appeared so close to me as that one. All
> others have appeared high above the horizon with the stars in the
> background.
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