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[at-l] Rope and Beans Connection

Hey Felix,

You've got a reputation for some esoteric knowledge which I'm asking you to
share with the rest of us. I have it on good authority that you know
something about the connection between ropes and beans, or was that beans
and ropes? I'm asking you to enlighten those of us newbies who do not
possess such fantastic knowledge as is attributed to you. So that you know
wherefrom I speak, please see the following communiques.

> > > Felix's favorite fantasy...Do you REALLY want to know
> >
> > I am curious.
> Ha! Get a good attorney, and contact Felix!.........;->

I don't know why I should hire legal counsel before I contact you about
this esoterica, though I've been given such advice. I'll keep this fool for
a client for the time being, but I have lots of contacts if I need one or
more barista's, including a number who work @ Starbucks in the bean
business and not a few who count 'em and some who live in Beantown ...
Here' the rest of the communiques which led to the forgoing exchanges:

> > > > > > I throw up a rope -- well not exactly, I've not been eating
> > > > > Hmmm, a newbie stumbles onto the ropes and beans connection!  :)
> > > > Enlighten me ... I didn't know ropes and beans had any connection

To which I shall add simply, in Hindi or Urdu: Tomat'r na cart'o, yar!,
which literally translates: don't cut a tomato, friend, and metaphorically
refers to the chorus during the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles after a
supper of beans.

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