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[at-l] Esbit Fuel Tabs / Pellet Stove

Hey Skyline, thanks very much for making the effort so we can get pellets
way below what they are at normal suppliers.

We appreciate your going out of your way and helping us that use the
pellet stoves.  Thanks a lot.  Do I mind if our fellow at-L hikers help
out other hikers on at-L. Not me. It's obvious Skyline's gone out to help
us all that use pellet stoves :)

My check is in the mail too. Agani,Thanks very much.
BTW, my pellet stove works fifty percent faster than an Esbit, uses 30%
less fuel pellets to do the same job if you use a "U or V" shaped bowl.
Sorry but you must make it yourself. Takes about 4 minutes. Grind down the
edges after you cut the drier vent !!

http://members.aol.com/hikenet/ultralightstove.html  On sloping ground, it
works too for all one does is "rotate" the bowl within the "holder"
to the correct orientation. The bowl is level but the "stove" ain't. Last
time I did that I was on the Cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean at
sunrise with the "pink morning fog" rising by San Francisco :)

Tom bear bells Caggiano
P.S. I'll be posting several more hiking club web sites on
http://www.hikenet.com  there are hundreds there now. Just type hikenet in
the url


At 12:46 AM -0600 12/16/98, Kurt Russell wrote:
>kahley wrote, and I ditto - (from experience) - thanks Skyline!
>:) It works - but it is a pain for the reseller, I know <g>. Good
>Luck! The people here do try to help each other, even though it
>doesn't work that way most other places. Welcome to the
>community, OgreTard ! Wait'll you meet the "woodelf"... and,
>there's an Ent or two wandering around here as well...
>>We have a history of making bulk purchases and reselling stuff
>>each other here on at-l.  I got my tyvek that way. And may
>>offer to do the same thing with bactricin or odd sized ziplocks
>>in January.  It's a good way for everyone to save money.
>>And BTW a big headache for the person who is doing the
>>Skyline is doing us all a favor by helping us to get fuel tabs
>at a
>>decent price and there is nothing wrong with that!
>>OgreTard@aol.com wrote:
>>> dont try and sell stuff on the list
>Kurt Russell
>Wanderlust Outdoor Gear
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