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[at-l] Re: Esbit Fuel Tab Update

kahley wrote, and I ditto - (from experience) - thanks Skyline!
:) It works - but it is a pain for the reseller, I know <g>. Good
Luck! The people here do try to help each other, even though it
doesn't work that way most other places. Welcome to the
community, OgreTard ! Wait'll you meet the "woodelf"... and,
there's an Ent or two wandering around here as well...

>We have a history of making bulk purchases and reselling stuff
>each other here on at-l.  I got my tyvek that way. And may
>offer to do the same thing with bactricin or odd sized ziplocks
>in January.  It's a good way for everyone to save money.
>And BTW a big headache for the person who is doing the
>Skyline is doing us all a favor by helping us to get fuel tabs
at a
>decent price and there is nothing wrong with that!
>OgreTard@aol.com wrote:
>> dont try and sell stuff on the list

Kurt Russell
Wanderlust Outdoor Gear
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