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Re: [at-l] Esbit Fuel Tabs / Pellet Stove

        And just to be sure, paraphrasing the "Welcome to the AT-L" message, 
        "Commercial posts are allowed, as long as they are relevant and not too 
        frequent." Not that Skyline was trying to sell anything anyway, he's 
        just being a friend to people he's mostly not even met! (Hey, what a 
        guy! Take a bow, dude. If I didn't have to think of stoveage for four, 
        {and I wasn't thinking of fuelcost/meal}, I'd either pellet or alcohol, 
        but as it is, I need the Svea Blowtorch.)
        And while I'm at it, notice how reserved OUR OWN Mr. Russell has been 
        with Wanderlust Outdoor Gear? (Truly now a "commercial" enterprise!) Not 
        only relevant, but homegrown, too! 
        But wait till you see my next message...........
>>OgreTard@aol.com wrote:
>>> dont try and sell stuff on the list 
>Kurt Russell
>Wanderlust Outdoor Gear
>Come see the 1.5 lb Nomad lite shelter! 
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