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[at-l] Re: Salomon Boots

Many thanks to all who wrote of their experience with these boots.  I think
I'd better not buy them unless I can try them on first since my foot is so
hard to fit.  What I'm looking for is a lightweight shoe or boot that I can
wear as comfortably on pavement as on trails; one that will keep my feet
relatively dry in rainy weather; and one that I might be able to use while
riding a bike.  I'm spending the month of March in Ireland and plan to
hike/bike/ride a bus for as much of it as I can cram into a month.  My Vasque
sundowners just won't do, and the description given for the Salomons seemed
ideal.  I won't be carrying a tent or food so pack weight won't be much of a
problem, although I'll probably pack a pair of jeans for pub wear.  I'll raise
a pint to the AT and the AT-L every night that I'm there :-)

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