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Re: [at-l] Re: Salomon Boots

In a message dated 12/2/98 10:19:26 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
MManzano@aol.com writes:

>  What I'm looking for is a lightweight shoe or boot that I can
>  wear as comfortably on pavement as on trails; one that will keep my feet
>  relatively dry in rainy weather; and one that I might be able to use while
>  riding a bike.  I'm spending the month of March in Ireland and plan to
>  hike/bike/ride a bus for as much of it as I can cram into a month.

I don't believe any boot will keep you eet dry in seriously wet weather, but a
light boot or trail shoe will dry that much quicker.  Not to mention the
burden of lugging a heavy boot around, light is better.  That said, I'm
keeping my Terraplane!

Cheers,  Sly
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