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[at-l] Emergency Blanket

Hi BotleNeck,
I just push it in a quart size zip-loc baggie compress the air out and zip
it up.  I put a rubber band around the baggie.  This will serve the
purpose.  It would take a whole thru-hike to rewrap the blanket the way it
was when you bought it.  I've seen a heavy duty blanket at Campmor.  Jeeez
now I have to drive 1 1/2 hours to Campmor to get the price and model
number for you :)  Next time I'm there I'll get the info if somebody
doesn't pass it on before hand.  That doesn't mean I won't go back to
Campmor before I leave for Springer the end of February.
Have a good one.

i got a question to i unraveled mine and tried and tried to get it as small
as a ziploc bag?  how did you do it it is one of those puzzled like "get the
funcky shaped rings apart and back together" that you buy for kids this time
a year.  i can not figure out how to get it bag to anythgin similar to it
original size.

and i also heard someone talk of a heavy duty space blanket?  where do you
buy that i want to know


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