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[at-l] RE: Salomon Boots

> Does anyone out there have experience with 
> Salomons?

Hi Gypsy:

I bought a pair of Salomon XHiking Exit II Low boots about 30 days
ago. They seem to me to be cut medium to slightly narrow in the foot

My right boot/foot combination adapted well in the first day. My left
foot is slightly too wide for the boot at the cross line across the
width of my foot where the little toe (the one that went wee wee wee
all the way home) connects to my foot. 

The boots will be okay for me but if my foot was any wider I'd
probably be taking these back and getting something else. I think it
is my feet that are mis-matched since my One Sport Moraines had a
different fit on each boot too (not the width since the Moraines are
cut a little wide).

On other things I've been pleased with the Salomon boots so far. I
would bet these Salomons would hold up much better than any Nike shoes
I've ever bought in the past -- I am always been very hard on footwear.

Hey, at 25 pounds each the One Sport Moraines I own hold up extremely
well. Ha! I've lightened my pack considerably so I'm almost to the
point where I think I could start wearing lightweight low cut boots,
which is how I ended up with the Salomons.


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