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RE: [at-l] Emergency Blanket

"Metallic" emergency blankets are made from Mylar, not pure metal. It is a
plastic that contains sufficient metal to make it reflective to heat and
incidentally, radar. I don't believe it is any more of a lightning
attractant than  for instance, a tall tree but it would definitely build a
charge under the right conditions. So if you are looking for quick
protection from a storm, use your poncho, not the Space Blanket.

BTW, a space blanket saved a hike once by padding my back from a broken pack
frame. For their weight, they come in useful in a lot of ways...

Lee I Joe

> Don't laugh--I have another question about the metallic emergency
> blankets...
> Do they present a danger in lightning? I know hikers who use them
> as ground
> cloths.
> Give Me Chocolate
> John O'Mahoney wrote:

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