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[at-l] re: Pack Weight

Hi folks;

	Thanks for all the encourageing words in reply to "Thru-Hike in
Jepordy". Things usually work out for the best I think. I keep lanning
my  hike.
	Here is the tenative list of my pack contents and approx. weights of
each item. My basic pack weight comes to abt 31 pounds without food or
water. I see where I can loose a cople of pounds by replacing the
Nalgene stuff with soda bottles and perhaps dropping a jacket. Last
minuet decisions will be made at the trail head.

				Basic Pack Weight

				approx. 31 pounds

7#  0 oz	Pack Weight Coleman XPD

   35 oz	Apex II + 16 oz fuel
    9 oz	3qt aluminium pot, wind screen, spoon
   16 oz	Pure Hiker water filter
   12 oz	Nalgene Bottles (2) 1 liter and insulated 1/2 liter (coffee
    6 oz	4 liter Droomedary water bag MSR

   24 oz	Gortex Jacket
   13 oz	Gortex Pants

   23 oz	Polartec 300 jacket
   18 oz	Polartec 200 jacket
   15 oz	Polartec 200 full zip pants

    5 oz	Thinsolite Gloves
    2 oz	Fingerless wool Gloves (military liners)

    4 oz	O.R. Rain Booney
    4 oz	Two lightweight fleece balacavas
   ?? oz	Midweight fleece windstop balacava

   28 oz	lightweight long johns, 2 pair Thorlo Hiker socks, Hiker
shorts, towel, cord.

    2 oz	Fm radio
   11 oz	Cammera; Olympus Stylus zoom 105 and padded case.
    6 oz	Micro tape Recorder
    5 oz	Petzel Micro Light flashlight.

2# 04 oz	O.R. advanced Bivi, + 4 oz tarp.
   14 oz	RidgeCrest pad.
   15 oz	Blue Foam full length pad.

   06 oz	TP in ziplock, plastic trowel
   04 oz	97 Data Book

Add Food and Water!
4:01PM  2/2/97

	In addition I will wear, Gortex Gaiters, thorlo socks, lt weight
longjohns, probally the 
Gortex, hats, gloves from above, Vasque Super Hikers, Leki Super Maluka


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GA>97>ME Chase

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