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[at-l] question on Svea stoves

My Svea is from 1971. It had been in storage for a long time until I
retrieved it last summer. I noticed that while burning, fuel was leaking out
of the tank in a circular pattern around the stem, but a bit out from the
stem. I assumed that the heat caused the tank to expand and broke the
brazing where the stem entered the tank. (I was using a Sigg Tourist cook
kit at the time with the cook kit's windscreen setup.) Has anyone else had
this problem? Is this repairable? And where would I send it? I'd still like
to use this stove, at least occasionally, if possible.            

To replace the Svea, I've ordered a Peak 1 Backpack Deluxe (with electronic
ignition; 7 oz alone and 20 oz with fuel cannister, compared to the Svea's
18 oz. empty). Does anyone have any helpful advice, positive or negative
comments about this Peak I stove? (I recognize the difficulty in mailing
fuel cannisters, hence the interest in repairing the Svea.)


Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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