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Re: [at-l] snow... finally!

>just to let the rest of the country know...
>	It's finally snowing in Maryland.  Just about a year to the day 
>that the blizzard hit the east coast it deciedes to dump a couple of 
>inches on us.  Boy are the news people having a field day with this.

Same here!  We got around 6" here since last night and may get more tonight.
Wheeeee!!! :))))  'Bout darn time...  Maybe I can *finally* get some
xcountry skiing in!  

>ps my 11 month old lab just loves snow and is now a tired pup because of 
>playing in it all morning.  Anyone else have a snow loving dog?

Yep - we have a lab (got him from the SPCA) who LOVES the snow!  We usually
let him & our shepherd mix out via the side step, and when there's enough
snow that the snow forms a nice little "ramp" from the step to the ground,
he likes to wriggle around on his back until he squirms right off the step
and slides down the ramp. :)  Sometimes I'll look out the window and see him
lying motionless on his back in the snow.  Wierd guy!  Bailey, our other one
(a "throwaway"), has learned from Maverick (our lab) that winter is indeed a
wonderful season and likes to run around in the snow, only stopping
occasionally to suddenly stick her entire head down into the snow! <g>
Well, there's a little wander off the AT topic..... :)  Enjoy the snow while
it lasts!


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