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Horus:	Re wimpy-type Canadians...

	Geez I hope not...look at what happened when the subject of sex 
came up yesterday......mention the words birth control, and watch out!

	Incidentally, the mainland, I should have used a capital M for 
Mainland, refers to all the rest of Canada outside of the island of 
Newfoundland....including the 3 other Atlantic Canadian Provinces (Nova 
Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick). The Appalachian Mts 
aren't really present in those provinces; however they form the backbone 
of Newfoundland. Mainland is really a term of grudging affection......

	The American military had a big presence in Newfoundland during 
WW2, (before we joined Canada), and many US servicemen married women 
from Newfoundland. Hence, many Newfoundlanders don't see the American 
military as a foreign force the way Mainland Canadians do. 
	When traveling, I think nothing of striking up a conversation 
with a US Serviceperson.....but I've seen very strange reactions from 
others I've been with.....geeeeeee....

	Here's a map which shows a simple view of the Appalachians Mts. 
from about Pennsylvannia to the tip of Newfoundland (although the map 
itself is mostly concerning the geology of a part of western 

	Geological Survey of Canada Map 1678A
	(Humber Arm Allochthon)

	that should be enough to find it..

	Thanks for the weather reports Mark,


       Doug Gibbons, Port aux Basques, Newfoundland       

       A happy heart goes on forever.
       (Winter's Tale [Shakespeare])

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