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Re: [at-l] Fear And Loathing on the AT

DSS wrote:
>         How to make friends and influence people on the AT:
>         (Appendix A in "Fear and Loathing on the AT")

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> major edit <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> The Bamaman AT '81

This was very funny, but I will say that it may give the wrong idea to
many people about those people that live in rural areas. I live in
Tennessee, north of Nashville and not too far from some pretty rural
areas. I have done a pretty good amount of hiking in areas of Tennessee
that could only be described as "backwards". And, probably most
importantly, I was a member of the Future Farmers of America and
attended the FFA summer camp here in Tennessee. What all of this should
tell you is that I am pretty familier with the type of people that live
in fairly remote areas.
What I have found is that if you treat these people with respect, they
will generaly treat you with respect. Yes, some of them are jerks, but
tell me of a group of people that doesn't contain jerks?
Case in point, me and a friend were hiking in October on the AT and got
a bit lazy, this meant that we had to hitch hike out inorder to get back
to our car in time to make it back to work. As we were standing on the
side of the road I commented to him that with all the nice new cars we
were seeing we had no chance of getting a ride, what we needed was an
old beat up pick-up truck to come by with a "good ole' boy" driving it.
Well a few minutes later a truck, with a gun rack in the back window and
2 guys who were as red neck as they could get drove up and asked us
where we were going. My friend kept hitting me trying to get me to pull
my hat down to cover my eyebrow pierce. I told him I would do no such
thing and wound up having a great conversation about tattoos with the
guys :)
So as I have said before, don't be too quick to judge.

E. George Oeser (aka Needles)
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