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Re: [at-l] Pride

> I didn't want them to think a female
>can't do anything on her own, so I always refused.  Then I noticed something.
> They were offering to help each other (and accepting help in return).  I
>realized what a dolt I was being and got my nose out of the air.  I've never
>hiked with a nicer bunch, and it greatly increased my feelings of equality
>with and admiration for males.  

Y'know Marty (and Ginny), I noticed a while back that I had started to
exhibit that same attitude - namely after I joined the Infantry.  Sometimes
it's really hard to get out of that frame of mind where you feel like you
have to do everything yourself without accepting a hand from anyone else for
fear of being thought of as weak - especially as a female in the military
environment.....  I'm definitely thinking now that my thru hike will be very
good for me; I'll get to decompress and be a normal person again (yeah
right! like I ever was! <g>) ;-)   So if any of you meet me out there and I
seem to be acting strangely, just remind me that "this isn't the Army". ;-D

Take care,

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