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Re: [at-l] Health Insurance Policies

At 10:18 AM 1/7/97 PST, "Michael MacLean" <rayann@cwconnect.ca> wrote:
>I think this topic was "brought up" before, however I was just new to the
>list and wasn't paying attention :)  I am from Canada and will be doing the
>AT on March 15 1997.  Any advice on purchasing a Health Insurance Plan (it
>works out to $1 CAN a day) would be greatly appreciated.  Another thing,

My advice is: don't even think of coming to the States without health
insurance.  I was once in a minor auto accident in Quebec: the folks at the
clinic we drove to didn't even want to see our insurance cards (which we
had, by the way)... I can promise you that wouldn't happen here.

I can't advise you on a particular plan, but $120 US ($180 CAN) for 6
months of health insurance is incredibly cheap by US standards.  I once had
to buy individual insurance for my daughter: it was more than that PER
MONTH... and that was in Rochester, NY which has unusually low rates by US

Is that policy some sort of travel rider, or does your province subsidize
health insurance?  In any case, a trip to the emergency room to X-ray a
sprained ankle would run you considerably more than $120 US.

-- Jim

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