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[at-l] Gutsy and Felix

Just thought I would let the group know that Janet and I met Felix for
breakfast at the Village Motel on Monday a.m.  Around 11, Gutsy showed up
and off they headed somewhere north of Bland to start their southward trek
back to Atkins. They had a perfect day for it - blue skies, temps in the low
30's. Got down to around 30 last night, so they shouldn't have been too
cold.  In the low 30's and mildly cloudy today. Supposed to snow by
Thursday, so will be interesting to see if they escape that. (and Felix
didn't bring his snowshoes - they'll probably get a foot!). P.S. The
breakfast was cold - so much for fine dining at the Village Motel!

Mark and Janet Holmes (Appalachian Trail - GA>NH (minus PA) '95)
NH > ME + PA 1997
Fox Hill Inn - Innkeepers 1-800-874-3313 (for reservations)
VA 16
Troutdale,VA  ( 4 miles from Dickey Gap on the AT)
AT Hiker stopping point in the Grayson Highlands!
-provider of shuttles in SW VA
Phone: 540-677-3313 

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