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Re:jester's 2-year anniversary

Mike H. wrote:
>To a popular tune:
>It was just two years ago today
>Mighty JESTER! stood upon Big K
>in bandanas and a great big smile
>thinkin' bout another 400 miles
>he hiked the trail in '94
>the very best AT year
>in the Doby/Pogo smelly fart club band
>(trumpet part)
>The trail is always on his mind
>now his hernia is doin' fine
>he misses all his AT friends
>and the good times that will never end
>He's really hoping to see you
>at the ALDHA Gathering this year
>and the reunion tour of the smelly fart club band
>what would you do if I sang out of tune
> would you hike on ahead without me
>go wash out your socks  but don't take too long
>while we're in town we might as well pee
>Oh, I got by with a lot of help from my friends
>ate pie with a lot of help from my friends 
>oh, I would die if I didn't have ya'll for friends


This particular tune wouldn't have been written by the Be AT les would it?

Peter H. Fornof