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Levi Long - Bastian

At 10:03 AM 9/27/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Mike -
>I was under the impression that Levi had closed down - but I
>could be wrong.  We haven't been back to that section since 92
>although we'd like to do some more hiking there.  If he's still
>open to thruhikers, its a super place to stop - not fancy, but
>friendly.  And lots of character(s).
>Walk softly,

My wife and I stopped in Bastian for a mail p/u on our thru-hike in '95 and
caught a ride back to the trail with Levi.  Unfortunately, the restaurant is
closed.  Levi's health kind of caught up to him and the health dept. wanted
them to make a much of improvements and they couldn't afford it.  As I
understand, they may still play music there on Sundays. A sorry thing - I
understand it was a neat place to visit.

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