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jester's 2-year anniversary

received this e-mail from jester, AT94.  he gave the ok to post to this
list.  enjoy!

ke kaahawe
To a popular tune:

It was just two years ago today
Mighty JESTER! stood upon Big K
in bandanas and a great big smile
thinkin' bout another 400 miles
he hiked the trail in '94
the very best AT year
in the Doby/Pogo smelly fart club band

(trumpet part)

The trail is always on his mind
now his hernia is doin' fine
he misses all his AT friends
and the good times that will never end
He's really hoping to see you
at the ALDHA Gathering this year
and the reunion tour of the smelly fart club band

what would you do if I sang out of tune
 would you hike on ahead without me
go wash out your socks  but don't take too long
while we're in town we might as well pee

Oh, I got by with a lot of help from my friends
ate pie with a lot of help from my friends 
oh, I would die if I didn't have ya'll for friends

I miss you all!  Thank you again for a wonderful experience, and all those
yet before us.  Much Love and Hugs for YOU!      JESTER!

"We make the path by walking" -R. Bly


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