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Re:Hiking the Appalachian Trail-old Rodale Press Editions

Jim Owen wrote:

>Pete -
>I bought a set of the books in May as a wedding present for Ginny.
>I bought them from Charles Konopa - one of the thruhiker-authors
>you're looking for. And they really are out of print.  For those who
>might be interested, the best source if you just want to read them
>is your local library system.  If they don't have the books they
>might be able to borrow them from another system.  If you want
>to buy a set you'll have to haunt the used book stores and keep a
>close eye on the ATN (they do show up there occasionally).
>Good reading - all 2000+ pages.
>Walk softly,


Thanks for responding. Wow, you actually bought them from one of the 
authors.Did he sign it? Mr. Konopa had one of the longest, best written 
journals in the book, and discussed a wide variety of subjects. I found his 
entry one of the more interesting in the books. In reviewing the registrants 
for the Gathering, I see that a Jim Wolf is registered. Wonder if he is the 
same Jim Wolf from Pittsburgh who contributed a journal to the book? 

Anyway, all of these hikers were doing the AT back before data books, 
Handbooks, Companions, plasticized maps, Leki's, palm top computers, etc. 
when only a few attempted the entire trail (single digits) each year. I 
re-read many of these journals each year and continue to gain insights. I 
agree with Jim and highly recommend that all AT addicts read these volumes. 
Well worth it.

Peter H. Fornof

P.S. Great wedding present, Jim!