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Re: [AT-L] down & going tentless

> From: "Beau Bushor N1MJD" <bushor@lemming.uvm.edu>
> Hello All,
>...........  The only problem I've had with a tent is buying one.  I
> plan to start a thread on true tent weights in a while.  What I want is
> for everyone to take their complete tent, ready to use with stakes poles
> stuff bag etc, to the post office and weight it.  Reporting the actual
> weight to the list.  With all the sales on tents coming soon it will be
> good info. 
> See you at the Gathering.
> Beau Bushor N1MJD
> "the bleeder guy"
> Burlington, Vermont
True tent weights are hard to come by. We looked at
and weighed many of them. We discovered you have
to be very careful with manufacturers list weights.
Make sure you know what they do and do not include.
Some manufacturers are good at publishing a carrying
weight, which is what the tent should weigh as you
would carry it for a hike. With all the bad info
on tent weights maybe a list like you suggest is a 
good idea. We will start it off and list the weights of
our tents. These are real weights , and include
everything you need for the field. ie. stakes,
poles, fly , guy lines and ground cloth.

Stephensons Warmlite :

2RS  2 LBS 15 OZS  (two person double wall all season with side windows)
3RS  4 LBS 1.5 OZS (three person double wall all season with side windows)
Quest :
Preying Mantis  5 LBS 4 OZS  (two person with large vestibule)

Eureka :

Timberline  8 LBS 2 OZS (two person single door with vestibule)

Sierra Designs: (don't have this one anymore but still have the weight)

Clip Flashlight  3 LBS 15 OZS  (1.5 person )


Mountain Hut  7 LBS 8 OZS  (two person dome w/o vestibule)


Adirondack Cabin  approx 35 LBS (I'm scared to know for sure)
                                (two room cabin tent )

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
Me to Ga '97 (with the 3RS Stephensons in my pack)