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Re: [AT-L] down & going tentless

I didn't feel like quoting and editing out most of the last message about 
tent weights (it is a pain with my editor, and my telnet connection from 
Chicago to Albany has really bad lag)

There was a brief list of some tents and weights - just a couple of gear 
weenie comments - for a thru hike, I would not go with the Camel or Quest 
tents.  I don't have any experience with Camel, but I am told they are 
not of great quality.  Quest in general, and the Preying Mantis in 
particular, is a good tent, but I would not recommend it for the 
continuous abuse that it will take on a thru-hike, if I recall the 4 
season is pretty good, but the 3 season is less of a 'bargain' for its 
Also, the preying mantis uses a central hub (or maybe 2 one in front and 
one in back) if I recall, that the poles come and join.  That is a major 
point of vulnerability if it breaks, of chips just enough so that one of 
the poles won't stay in.  I am also told that the setup is difficult with 
frozen fingers, too (trying to aim the poles into the hub).  not to say 
it isn't a fine tent, just for the continuous day after day abuse for the 
months of a thru hike, I don't think it would last (although compared to 
other  tents made in China, it is not bad).


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