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my last post and other tidbits

Ok everybody, I just read my own post about sports med pros and
it really sounded bitchy, so I'm here to apologize for the tone
(but not the content) of my post.  To Bob, I wish I knew how to find
a good one.  If you are around Boston, I can help you out with all
kinds of names, MDs, PTs, even a chiropractor of two.  Otherwise,
friends word of mouth is better than nothing, although I know of
many excellent MDs that nobody likes because they spend about 30 
seconds with each person and don't give a lot of info.  My opinion is
that the med pro has to spend some time listening to what your
activities are before they decide how to treat, then explain what
you can expect with the treatment and when you need to call them back
if it's not going as expected.  Unfortunately, the way health care
works in this country the more people they see (and thus the less time
they spend with each one) the more $, the better.

In general, Jim I agree that we as a whole have been a little cranky
lately.  Wish I had time to go into the woods!

BTW - I Have  a Lowe Scirocco and I LOVE it!  It fits me like a 
comfy Tshirt and makes me feel like I'm "wearing" my pack and not
so much carrying it.  

Happy hiking to anybody lucky enough to be getting out in the fall.