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Re: [AT-L] RE: campstoves vs. campfires

Frank Reid wrote:
> Jim Mayer <mayer@wrc.xerox.com> writes:
> > I just thought I'd observe that this isn't an "all or nothing" issue.  I
> > use a stove for cooking, and rarely light a fire, but enjoy fires as much
> > as the next person when I'm with a group.  Cutting back, joining other
> > people's fires (in heavily used areas), etc. could have a huge impact
> > without having to "just say NO".
> Agreed!  An occasional small "Indian" campfire promotes fellowship and
> isn't going to destroy the earth.  I'm reminded of the city of Los Angeles
> banning the use of charcoal-lighter fuel although tons of kerosene are
> burned each time a 747 takes off from LAX.
> --
> Frank     reid@indiana.edu

Good point (L.A.).  This could easily slip into one of those
"Humans are a blight on the earth...stay out of the woods" arguements.
To assure you all that I'm not some environmental waster that has 
slipped into your midst, may I say....

I brake for trash.....drives my friends nuts. "If you'd get out of the 
car and help me clean this mess up we__ won't__be late"

Because I have a septic system  my whites aren't sparkling white (I 
don't use bleach) and my towels aren't fluffy soft and springtime fresh
(I don't use fabric softener).

And I don't use the two things that I consider the silliest waste of 
energy/cause of pollution in this country....hair dryers and clothes
dryers.  Stuff __will __ dry - all by itself, given a little time.
It is only our vanity that demands hair look always just so and clothes
aren't hanging around drying.( She says with one eyebrow raised and lips 
slightly pursed indicating she thinks she may have made a point here);-)

And I hope the trees will forgive my thievery of a half peck of wood
and accept in return the ready-to-use-almost-vegan-manure present that
I leave properly cat-holed near the spot where I swiped the wood.

Basically we all make choices everyday on how much we want to impact
the environment. I don't even want to think about how much energy,
resources, mining and pollution goes into making a computer.

And what about the extra food we hikers consume to fuel our recreation?
If we all stayed out of the woods and spent our leisure time 
motionlessly contemplating our navels, how many acres of rain forest 
could we save? ;-)

And before I waste anymore of the worlds energy (or your time) I'll
leave you with these thoughts:
Hike your own hike.
Remember what Smokey says...only you can prevent forest fires!
		Signed..with dingy undees and wet hair..Kahley
PS...Frank..did you notice I got my "nose" fixed?

The above was not intended to be humourous in any way...unless you
thought it was and then I thank you!