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pack list

One thing that jumped out at me, that wasn't commented on before - why two
pairs of sunglasses?  The eastern trails are generally in the woods.  There
is a reason the AT is called the "long green tunnel". This is definitely
true for most other eastern trails, except on top of the Whites and if the
gypsy moth damage is especially severe. Northern PA is a heavy hardwood
forest area with scattered meadows.  Chances are, you will never put the
dark glasses on except for driving to and from the trail.  By all means,
drop at least one pair from your gear list.  Also - October is likely to be
cool and wet, but you seem to be packed more heavily that we do for January
in the  snow (and that gets heavy- 30 lbs each with snowshoes.) All you need
is one outfit to hike in and one to wear in camp.  Yes you'll stink, but you
probably will anyway  -- Ginny