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Reduce Jim's Pack Weight

Your pack is too heavy for me.

Toss the underwear, toss 1 pair of socks.  Toss the raingear and packe cover
and replace with a poncho.  Toss 1 bandana. Toss the neck gaiter.  Toss the
long gaiters, toss the Tevas & fleece socks.  Toss the headlamp & pen light
and replace with a single AAA-battery Mini-mag lite & headband.  Cut the
first aid kit in half, toss the baby wipes, toss the cat crap,  toss the
wash & dry things, toss the tent repair kit (pole splice, screwdriver,
pliers), toss the flares & smoke, spare sunglasses, thermarest chair kit,
ensolite sit pad, writing paper, binoculars, LED light.  Toss the guidebook
& photocopy only the pages you need.  Replace the fleece jacket and
underwear with a lightweight down sweater from Feathered Friends (16 oz.).
Toss the lrger knife, keep the little knife.  Replace 50' of nylon cord with
a lighter-weight cord available at climbing shops.

BTW, how much does your (empty) pack weigh?