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Re: [AT-L] lost hiker in SNP

UCanDoBetr@aol.com wrote:
> What happened to the lost hiker in the SNP (from last week's postings on this
> list)? Has he been found? What happened to him (I remember reading that he
> was overdue a few days, I think)?

I saw about 5 search and rescue trucks along skyline drive last weekend.
They still have not found him, and I think they won't. I'll post any new
info (if I get any) when I get back from SNP this weekend.

Interestingly, a few thru-hikers think that he either committed suicide
(what I think) or that it's a scam and that he's not even in the park
and he is doing it to get attention. A bit far fetched, I think. :)

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