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Re: achey bones

In a message dated 96-05-20 12:39:13 EDT, you write:

>Pete Fish used to be the head ranger in the High Peaks area.  He knew
>ALL the rules :-) and had no reluctance about writing tickets.  He really
>loved the area.  Interesting character, probably long retired by now.

no! he's not retired.  got to meet him two weeks ago at the 46er leadership
weekend at the loj.  was a very entertaining speaker--really knew his stuff.
 still going strong, still writing tickets....i understand he's involved in
some sort of b.s. lawsuit against the park and him personally for an accident
that happened up there.  don't know a whole lot about it....sounds like
another person not taking responsibility for their unpreparedness.  but i'll
stay off of that one since i don't know the details.