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Info on gear fabric retailer/dealer...

Hi folks,

	Could be an old thread, but I remember seeing some discussions on
retailers or dealers of fabric for gear.  Well, just saw a classified ad
in Backpacker's 5/96 issue.  Says they carry Polartec, Ultrex, etc., clothing/
bivvy patterns, fasteners, zippers, etc., etc.  The carrier is

	Quest Outfitters
	2590 17th St.
	Sarasota, FL 34234
	Free catalog (sp?):	(941) 378-1620.

	Guess I do need to type in a disclaimer regarding this posting not
being my endorsement of these guys.  Well, there you have it.  Just thought
some people might want to check it out, no mention of Gore-Tex though in
their ad.

	Couldn't help adding to the thread of how nice a group this is,
and thanks for all the jems and jewels of info pouring over here.  Being
in New Orleans, its hard to find hikable places nearby, let alone AT.
So I keep myself busy in Arkansas, al though I did do a puny little 3.5
mile section of AT in the Smokies in 95 Summer.  Hope to be on the AT
for longer times in the future.