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Re: Register Replenishing

>I once heard that some thru-hikers will carry an empty notebook with them
>all the way to Katahdin in the hopes of finding a shelter where they can
>leave it.  Is this true?  Has anybody heard of someone doing this?

>Matt  Holmes

Matt, it's true.  I knew a couple of folks I hiked with who did this; one
left one at Sarver Campsite on Sinking Creek Mtn, and the other left one
at a shelter before Franklin, NC.  Generally, you agree to pay the postage
and offer a "treat" if someone will return the register to you when its full.
It makes for a nice momento, so to speak, of your hike months and years later.
Also, its sort of neat to see what the frame of mind you were in when you wrote
after you're off Trail---it was pretty funny seeing what I had written in
the register near Franklin when my friend showed it to me.