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Re: Enuf fat?

>>Folks - I was reading a post (actual several, seeming to agree) mentioning
>>the Lipton's Rice and a sauce packets and Mac and Cheese apparently as
>>staples. You need an awful lot of fat on the trail; do these supply
>>anywhere near what you need? - SloMike
>Mike -
>They supply very little fat - but fat is heavy.  I used squeeze Parkay
>while it was cold, but gave it up when the weather got warmer.  Most
>of a thruhiker's fat intake comes from town visits.   That's why pizza,
>hamburgers - and breakfast (bacon, sausage, eggs, hot cakes, etc)  are
>such favorites.   But AYCE salad bars run a close second - thruhikers
>don't get many fruits and veggies either.
>What thruhikers really have to have is calories - lots of them.  Fat is a
>good source , but it's heavy in any form.  And mostly won't keep well
>in hot weather.
>One thing you'll find about thruhikers if you watch them closely - if
>they're carrying 2 dinners, they'll nearly always eat the heavier
>one first - even if there's only a 1 oz weight difference.
>Have a good day,

Do thru hikers gain a lot of weight and go above their pre-hike weight when 
they finish the trail? I've heard they gain their normal weight back, but 
with all the fatty food they consume in the towns, do their eating habits 
change and turn them into blimps? 

When I return from a long hike, I usually chow down big time for about two 
weeks after until I get disgusted with myself and start to control things.