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Re: Enuf fat?

>Do thru hikers gain a lot of weight and go above their pre-hike weight when
>they finish the trail? I've heard they gain their normal weight back, but
>with all the fatty food they consume in the towns, do their eating habits
>change and turn them into blimps?

Pete -

Can't speak for anyone else, but it took 3+ years for me to get back to my
pre-hike weight.  And I'm not happy with it.  Probably would have happened
sooner if we weren't hiking almost every weekend.  The AT develops some
terrible eating habits in thruhikers.  We have only ourselves to blame -
eating is a necessity, but what and how much we eat is a choice.

As you said -

>When I return from a long hike, I usually chow down big time for about two
>weeks after until I get disgusted with myself and start to control things.

Have a good day,