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Re: Strider....Re: Whites Weather

>> Not I... I adopted "Strider" after last summers hike in Pensy-prior to that
>> "Hay Seed" was my trail name.  Haven't heard of any other Strider's before.
>> I took the name from Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings."  One of the main
>> characters, Aragorn, has a trail name too- Strider.  :-)
>> Matt  Holmes                       "A penny will hide the biggest star in
>> the sky
>> 'Strider'                                    if you hold it close enough to
>> your eye."
>> holmess@ufrsd.k12.nj.us                           --Samuel Grafton
>Hello there Strider,
>My husband, who thru-hiked in 94 has the trail name strider, taken also 
>from the same Tolkien as you! I have heard of one or two other "striders" 
>i think it is a great trail name. He is thinking of becoming shambling 
>strider for our thru-hike in 98........

Well, that makes three "Striders" here! I read Tolkien in college (early 
70's) and adopted the trail name in 1974 when I started backpacking in 
earnest. The entire triology is one big, wonderful backpacking trip, right? 
Required reading for all true backpackers.