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Re: Enuf fat?

> They supply very little fat - but fat is heavy.  I used squeeze Parkay
> What thruhikers really have to have is calories - lots of them.  Fat is a
> good source , but it's heavy in any form.  And mostly won't keep well
> in hot weather.

     Actually fat contains more calories per unit weight than
     carbohydrates or protein. One gram of fat contains 9 calories
     while one gram of carbo or protein only contains 4. 

     But it still doesn't keep well in warm weather...
     Still, I made sure not to get low fat granola bars, etc
     partly because I knew I would need fat and partly to save weight.
     Like Jim said though, I plan on recovering lost fat with a
     few bacon double cheeseburgers while in town.

     One more point this cheesburger thing reminds me of. While hikers
     need fat, they do not need SATURATED fats. Thus the cheeseburger
     thing should still be tempered a little. Peanut Butter is
     possibly the best source of 'good' fat for hikers.

						       --- Ron K ---