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Re: 20 Days and Counting!

>     Just read "As Far as the Eye Can See".  Forgot the author's name, but it
>is a great, short account of a '79 thru-hike.

If memory serves, the author was David Brill.  It's been awhile since I
read it, but it was a good book.

>I hope all the magic hasn't
>been supplanted by the jaded irritation of locals and the rudeness of the
>ever increasing numbers of thru-hikers.  Just like everything else in life, I
>wonder if I didn't discover this too late.  I must admit, the horror stories
>of crowded shelters has me worried.  Oh well, I am sure these worries are
>     Leaving by the 'Hound from Kansas City on April 12 and looking forward
>to my years-old dream finally reaching fruition.
>                           Shalom, Horus

Just take a tent and the crowded shelters won't be much of a hassle.
Actually, if you're leaving on April 12, most of the crowds will be ahead
of you, and by the time you catch up to them a lot of them will have gone
home.   What you'll be mostly left with is a group of pretty laid back
 thruhikers with a sprinkling of section hikers and a lot of
weekenders (on the weekends).

I've found that if you're willing to talk to them and show some interest in
their point of view, even the most negative locals will generally be friendly.

The magic is still there for those who look.  If it weren't there, all these
people wouldn't be out there crowding the shelters, right?

Have a good walk,