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Re: Enuf fat?

>Folks - I was reading a post (actual several, seeming to agree) mentioning
>the Lipton's Rice and a sauce packets and Mac and Cheese apparently as
>staples. You need an awful lot of fat on the trail; do these supply
>anywhere near what you need? - SloMike

Mike -

They supply very little fat - but fat is heavy.  I used squeeze Parkay
while it was cold, but gave it up when the weather got warmer.  Most
of a thruhiker's fat intake comes from town visits.   That's why pizza,
hamburgers - and breakfast (bacon, sausage, eggs, hot cakes, etc)  are
such favorites.   But AYCE salad bars run a close second - thruhikers
don't get many fruits and veggies either.

What thruhikers really have to have is calories - lots of them.  Fat is a
good source , but it's heavy in any form.  And mostly won't keep well
in hot weather.

One thing you'll find about thruhikers if you watch them closely - if
they're carrying 2 dinners, they'll nearly always eat the heavier
one first - even if there's only a 1 oz weight difference.

Have a good day,