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Re: No Subject

Good Luck Dwayne!

If it's any consolation:  Once when I was ready to leave from home for the
trail, I got really sick the night before with a fever and sore throat.  No
time to go to the dr. and no chance of me staying home and not going hiking!
 I pawned some antibiotics off of my daughter by begging.  She didn't really
want to give them up.  There were only about a dozen tablets too at most.  I
started by taking a whole one, and after that only took 1/2 a one.  We got on
the trail and stayed 4 days; and by the time we started hiking my husband had
it too.  We both felt miserable.  One thing good about it,  all the deep
breathing helped keep the congestion to a minimum in our lungs, and all the
humidity too.  It rained
a steady drizzle at least 2 of those days. We survived, but did cut our hike
short by a day and did some sight-seeing.  When I got home I went to the dr.
because it had all settled in my ear.  Other than that were okay.  I won't
advise anyone to do what we did--hike the trail when you know you've got a
fever--but it was just one more amusing experience I can remember.

So, go out there and  do it!  You'd be miserable at home too!

IL Fltlndr