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Re: No Subject

At 12:01 03/24/1996 -0600, you wrote:
>Good Luck Dwayne!
>If it's any consolation:  Once when I was ready to leave from home for the
>trail, I got really sick the night before with a fever and sore throat.  No
>time to go to the dr. and no chance of me staying home and not going hiking!
> I pawned some antibiotics off of my daughter by begging.  She didn't really

Well IL Fltlndr,

        The only way I won't go is if they admit me to the hospital.  I
talked to a buddy of mine who is going (he gets to attempt the whole thing).
The are having a send off for him tomorrow night but I have to work (night
training at the F.D. that I can't miss).  It's funny to hear what he has to
say about going and hear what other people have to say about him and I
going.  Most people think we are crazy for even going.  I may be crazy but
at least I will have some fun while they try to write up the committment papers.