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Re: Introduction

At 05:04 PM 3/20/96 -0600, you wrote:
>        This is my "introduction" to this mailing list.  My trail name is
>Strider.  My first question is- how many of you are there?
>        I'm hiking the trail for a month this summer through the whites of
>New Hampshire.  What clothing is appropriate for a July hike?  We plan on
>starting at Manchester Center and going to Gorham, about 250 miles.  Has
>anyone hiked this area before that can give me some advice?
>Matthew  Holmes
>"It takes more courage to suffer than to die."
>                                     Napoleon Bonaparte
Hello Strider,

   In July in NH the worst you could get is rain. As long as your prepared
for it, no real cold weather gear is neccessary. Rain can get real cold in
the high winds on open summits. Just don't get macho and plan to hike more
miles than you can handle in bad weather. Most problems develope in the
Whites from unrealistic expectations in mileage. High speed is also a bad
idea in bad weather. The steepness downhill is very dangerous in wet weather.
I like to do low miles and wait out rain because the scenery is worth it.
You really miss a treat if you hustle across the high peaks in fog.

I was just hiking in southern Virginia and saw a Strider in the register at
Wilson Creek Shelter, you maybe?