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AT Hike

Hi, I am the Network Manager for the Department of Biology at UNC and I 
am in also working on hiking the AT trail in sections.  This past July a 
group of us hiked from Roan Mountain to Damascus VA and are planning a 7 
day hike over Christmas this year.  I am working on a personal home page 
with some pictures from the trip and if you have Netwcape use the 
following URL:


I am working on hiking the whole AT, but since I can not take off the 5 
or 6 months it takes to hike the trail, I am interested in others who 
have hiked the trail in segments and any advice they can give me.  I have 
planned to try and hike two weeks a year, and expect that it will take 10 
to 12 years to finish the trail.

Ernie Patterson
Biology Department
230 Wilson Hall CB#3280
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3280
Phone: 919-962-2136
Fax:      919-962-1625
Email:   Ernie_Patterson@unc.edu