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Re: What about Bears?

On Mon, 28 Aug 1995, Rich Milewski wrote:
> I am planning a thru hike in April, there has been some chater about snakes
> and bears, it just accured to me, what is the protocol for dealing with a
> bear?  Wide birth would been the first order I would imagine.  How about
> banging on a pot?  Anyone with some first hand or bear experience(sorry)? Rich 

We encountered bears last year at the Wawayanda Shelter in NJ (which my 
partner first mistook for a dog!).  Four of them, and it made for a 
memorable evening.  Banging on pots was of little use, as was yelling -- 
they've been through that before, it seemed.  It was fun until it got 
dark, when the thought of being trapped asleep in a three-walled building 
suddenly seemed real.  (Stories in the register didn't help any, 
either.)  We put everything that might possibly have had an odor in the 
bear box, and, with flashlight in hand, tried to get some sleep.  I only got 
about three hours, and it was the only time I've ever slept with my glasses 

A great time (in retrospect).