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Re: AT Hike

Hello Ernie,

     You are doing almost exactly what I started out doing about 10 years
ago. I planned on doing 2 weeks per year and finishing in the year 2000 (
hence the name AT2000). I'm pretty much on target but it's questionable on
the finish year. It's harder and harder to get the miles in and drive big
miles to and from the trailhead now that I've done 1425 miles of Trail and my
starting point is always a long way from home. Sometimes I think I writing
more on my exploits getting to and from the Trail would be more interesting
than my hiking journal. Buses, trains, hitchhikes, have been tougher than the
walking. Sometimes more adventerous too.
     I love hearing from section hikers. For years I had no idea there were
others doing this other then myself. Now I meet section hikers all the time.
I always wonder if they turn out to be true fanatics like me, who stick with
it when life's turns change us so much. Hiking has been the most constant
thing in my like since I was 16. I'm 41 now.

I have a journal for every hike I've done. If your interested, I'll email any
of them you want. It could give you a fell for a general area or just get you
psyched to go! I've done from Katahdin to Bryant Ridge Shelter in Virginia.
One is published in the August issue of the Web E-Zine, Virtual Pathways.