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Re: Fontana Damn area

I hiked the lake trail a few weeks ago.  Saw two bears coming into campsite 77.  
Looked like Mom bear and Papa Bear.  Its the same old story in the Smokies, if
people would pack out their trash AND bury their excess food bears would not
have a reason for coming into campsite.  I as discusseted (sorry spelling)
about the condition of the Smokies.  Especially over that last few years.  They
ought to close the backwoods until people learn how to take care of it.

Campsite 86 was totally trashed out.  Trash was all over the place.  The head
was over turned.  People had thrown trash in it and the bear got to it.  THe
campsite looked like the first turn of the Indy 500!  With those conditions,
even if you cook away from the your campsite.  Sleep in different clothes. All
the precausions, the bears will still come into camp.

The Lakeshore trail very nice. The Lake if beautiful and bery peaceful.  Someone said parts are
over 300 feet deep.

R. Temple