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[at-l] What's so heavy??

On Apr 20, 2005, at 23:01, Victoria Roush wrote:
> Could someone give me a breakdown of what theycarried
> on their thru-hike (or for another 1-2 week hike) and
> what weighed what?

I'm carrying this stuff on a 120 mile section hike.  It's similar to  
what I carried last year for Damascus to Bland, but I have made three  
changes.  I sized down my radio to less than 1 ounce.  My old radio  
weighed 3 ounces.  My husband and I made me an eyeglass case out of  
soda cans.  I must have the glasses (if I lose a contact lens, I'd be  
really screwed without them since I'm one of the most nearsighted  
people you're likely to ever meet), and I must have a hardshell case  
for them.  It weighs 2 ounces with the glasses in it, and the old one  
weighed 4.5 ounces with the glasses in it.  Finally, my wind rain  
jacket has gone from 11 ounces to 3.5 ounces.  It's now one of these:   

This sounds like jack nothing to you, doesn't it?  Mind the ounces and  
the pounds mind themselves.  Anyway, without further ado:

G5 pack                                 7.50
Z-Rest, 8 sections                          8.00
stakes and line                             4.14
   8 MSR ultralight needle stakes   
   ditty bag    
8x 10 tarp self sack w/ some guys tied on           14.50
ground cloth                                4.50
mosquito net                                5.00
nunatak back country blanket & stuff sack           24.00

water bag and gravity filter in gallon ziplock + 2-1l plastic water  
bottles                                     7.50

early spring clothes in stuff sack              29.00
   extra socks  
   long underwear top   
   tank top 
   light long underwear 
   light fleece gloves  
   wind jacket  

first aid kit in gladware                       7.00
   adhesive tape/gauze/bandaids 
   sunscreen and bag balm   
   contact case and saline  
   neosporin packets    
   face wipes   

toothpaste and toothbrush                   1.50

Cooking kit w/5 days fuel                       14.00
Esbit stove and windscreen  
sm. Titanium pot and stuff sack, scrap of dishrag   
fork, spoon and maybe a mug 
5 estbits, 5 coghlans, matches in ziplock   

ziploc with paper and maps                  3.07
  papers, pen in ziploc 
  spare radio battery   

headlamp and spare batteries                    3.30
glasses w/soda can case                     2.00

fanny pack with stuff   (home made silinylon)       12.50
  radio + spare battery 
  camera (Canon Elf)        
  lip balm  

itty bitty tweezers                         0.25
toilet paper                                1.25
trash bag                                   0.25

                                        149.77 ounces
                                         9.36 pounds.

I use a kitchen scale which I don't trust within 4 grams for really  
small things.  This is why I weigh the FAK and other things all