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[at-l] What's so heavy??


You really don't need that much.  Talk to Brawny on the Women Hiker's list 
and get her book.  She is a real pro and will show you the lightest way to 

My pack, fully loaded is about 10#.  But I do really ultra light.  If you 
hike with a partner and share some items, it is easy to really get the 
weight down.  Nimblewill Nomad hiked over 9,000 miles with a max of 9.5# and 
he is the one who taught me how to lighten up..

My pack, a G4, is 14oz. I have an inline water bottle (Boda) and use a 
Hennessy Hammock with a silnylon tarp.  I carry two outfits, one for hiking 
during the day and the other to sleep in at night.  I did have a weight 
breakdown but am currently in a little motorhome without a scale.  But, my 
full loaded pack is always about 10# including food and water.  I carry 3-4 
days of food in the Ga-NC section and most others as there is usually a 
place to restock along the way.  You find that out before and, if not may 
need to carry a little extra.  I am always warm so someone who is 
cold-blooded might need heavier clothing, but I bring a couple of light 
weight layers.

Don't forget Leki poles.  I love mine!

But, again, Brawny is the expert and you could learn a lot form her!
Tinman also has a great site with some excellent light weight gear..

If at all possible, get to Traildays and take advantage of all the education 
and great gear deals there.
Hugs, Hummingbird 

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